Cattle classes – We have one of the largest one day cattle shows in Lincolnshire with separate classes for Lincoln Reds, Other Native Breeds, Commercial Cattle, Pure Continental Beef breeds and Dexters. To apply for a schedule and entry form, see the ‘Traders’menu.

The sheep lines are a busy place on show day with classes for Lincoln Longwools, Rare and Minority Breeds, Hampshire Down, Commercial Sheep, Continental Pure Breeds and Other Native Breeds with a prize for the best Suffolk. To apply for a schedule and entry form, see the ‘Traders’ menu.

The Poultry Show is organised by The East of England Poultry Club, see their web-site, To apply for a schedule and entry form, ADD CONTACTS HERE.


Trade and crafts

Trade and Craft stall enquiries are welcome, we have over 100 Trade Stands each year with many and varied products and services on offer. Trade and Catering Applications will be available online Jan 1st 2019.


Trade and crafts

Vintage Vehicles & Machinery

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Vintage Vehicles & Machinery

Contact Us

More information about contacts coming soon.

Our contact details

Phone: 07785526665


Show opening hours

Sunday 19th May 2019

How to find us

The show ground is located along Green Lane opposite Canterbury Close in Woodhall Spa. A one way system will be operated on the day and all routes are signposted by AA signs.